Stream Live in HD from Mobile to everyone
Live stream online focus groups, facilities, in-home interviews, even online live UX research

Annabella – HT Face

Secure live streaming for focus groups and IDIs. Easy to use – no apps, downloads or logins for participants. Respondents, Moderators and Observers can access on any device from anywhere in the world.

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HT Anton VS and UX

Mobile live video and UX streaming services for in- home interviews, accompanied shops, User testing. Live stream respondent’s mobile UX anywhere in HD. Access your account on the HT portal and manage, view live or DVR recorded sessions.

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HT Arthur VS and UX

HD Live streaming and Recording solutions for facilities. High-end 4K HD fully managed solution, enabling the venue service to view, stream and record simultaneously 12 cameras.

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HT Jack VS and UX

Mobile Ethnography, Video Diary, Online UX recording and streaming solution for desktop and mobile research. Support for 3000 respondents per project for any platform, Mac, Windows Linux, iOS and Android. 

High Tech Development provides powerful, elegant and affordable HD live video streaming solutions for market research

Have you ever wondered why we have been confined to watching expensive yet low resolution live streams of focus groups?  We did, and we did something about it. Our core team has over 30 years experience in both qualitative research and developing secure live streaming solutions for the market research industry across the world. 

Annabella – HT Face

Secure Live Streaming
for Focus Groups

HT FACE allows moderators to conduct remote online qualitative research (focus groups, IDIs) simply, reliably and securely.

Respondents can take part in their focus group using any device from any location, without the need for downloads, logins or passwords.

Clients can remotely view and hear all proceedings securely on any device from anywhere in the world and interact with the moderator and other observers.

Translations can be made available in real time, allowing observers to listen in their own language.

Moderators can now conduct focus groups online with a complete focus on respondents, discussion topics and stimulus rather than the technology.

Stream Live HD from Mobile

HT Anton VS and UX Stream anything you want, anywhere in HD; focus groups, in-home interviews, accompanied shops, ethnographic studies. You just need a smartphone and a cellular connection.

SMARTPHONE DEVICE  Android Phone 5.0 or higher, with 3/4G and 1080p Video Capability.
iOS may be available for some customers.Download HTAnton VS                             Download Anton UX

INTERNET SPEED  HD Streams require 2 Mbps upload speed. SD Streams require 1 Mbps upload speed.

UNDER ONE SECOND LATENCY FROM ANY CONTINENT High Tech has built a top of the line global video infrastructure, using the latest cloud technology, which enables all HT services to integrate with each other. Our clients take advantage of latest SUB-SECOND latency streaming from any continent.

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Live HD Streaming Capabilities for facilities 

HT Arthur
With our software and hardware solutions, you can live stream or local record from your focus room facility in 4K HD. Take control of your own facility.

Features highlights:
– Multiple camera angle recording and broadcasting.
– Sub-Second Delay Live Streaming for viewing rooms. 
– The world’s most advanced HTML5 online observer view.
– Up to 16 Live stream and record cameras.
– Full Integration with HT Anton VS and UX.
– Full Integration with AirPlay for iPhone, iPad and MacOS
– Live onsite viewing via smart TV or any browser enabled device. 
– Multilanguage Audio Feeds for streaming and recording.
– Managed Local and Cloud Recordings.
– HT Scheduler for booking for live streaming, go live in 2 minutes.  
– Picture in Picture.
– Live Blurring for privacy enabled research.

Stream with us today. It will only take a minute, and you will control your destiny.