HT Anton

Stream your research from your mobile device

HT Anton VS

Live Streaming

Stream from your mobile anything you want, anywhere in HD; not just focus groups, but in-home interviews, accompanied/mystery shopping, ethnographic studies. All you need is an Android smartphone, an internet connection and a creative imagination.

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HT Anton UX

UX Live Streaming

Live stream respondent’s mobile UX from anywhere in HD.
Access your account on the HT portal and manage, view live or DVR recorded sessions.

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An Actual Window Into Your Consumer’s Life

HT Anton is a mobile application that enables you to reach your respondents wherever they are in HD.

You are in charge; You can conduct the streaming research, or you can have your respondents’ stream at their leisure. 

Qualitative researchers love to dive into the lives of people of different cultures. They are invited into homes, brought along to wet markets, and cooked meals. However, it is getting harder to justify flying teams halfway across the world, especially with travel budgets being continuously cut.

For the first time, you can now participate in the fieldwork, without having to leave your desk…

A few things HT Anton VS is really great at

Simplicity, quality and unmatched performance are the main focus of HT Anton VS.
You just need a phone and an internet connection.
Combined with our online services you can Book, automatically send invitations, and start your live stream session within 2 minutes.
Under one second latency from any continent to any viewer in the world.
Instantly record your live streams in our global HT cloud servers.
DVR playback available during Live sessions.
Live stream from anywhere in East Asia, China, Europe or American continent.
Secure Data Transmission and secured encrypted storage.


HTAnton supports sub-second latency for live stream viewers. It is a perfect option for transcribers, translators or backroom viewers when combined with HT Arthur. 

Watch and use our chat facility on any device.
No 3rd party components required.

iOS: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Android: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Dolphin.
Laptops: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE11


All HT Anton streams are DVR recorded and playback is available at any time.
Online viewers can experience the research even if the missed the live stream.

– Stored in our encrypted cloud content network, and made available only to invited users.
– Recordings are available right as the live stream is completed.
– Invited users have the ability to download the recordings.

CAMERA … while streaming

HD, 2K and UHD supported for given devices.
– Front and back camera.
– Zoom for front and back camera.
– Auto rotate and autofocus.
– Flash.
– Power optimization and screen dimming
– Display of the current duration, bandwidth used, and amount of data streamed.


Crisp audio capture and transmission.
Noise cancellation.

Wireless Mic Devices.
Head set.
Built in Microphone.

Third party audio devices can be used to enhance your audio experience.


– Low bandwidth requirements, under 1M for HD.
– 3G/4G/LTE/5G and WiFi supported.
– Variable bitrate transmission to save bandwidth.
– Data optimization
– Option to switch settings to accommodate for low bandwidth.


Don’t miss a moment of your stream. We use 15 seconds short buffers and auto connect for you and push the content when the connection becomes available again.

– Auto connect in case your mobile Data or WiFi connection drops.
– HT Anton hold up to 30 seconds of video in memory, in case your transmission is choppy, and transmits it when the connection becomes available again.

API Integration with

High Tech has partnered and integrated the online platform with Emotion AI and Online communities offering our clients the ability to collect online, analyze, harness and measure human emotion through live streaming.